SEO: Links that link + Links too 2 U

seoStepping up traffic to go to you:   Putting information, content and articles spread out there on the internet and with links connecting back to your web-page are known as ‘backlinks’ and Google likes these, especially from what it terms good and reliable sites. This increases visitors to your webpages and gives Google reasons to rank your pages higher in its search results lists.


These sites are easy-build subject and article producing and hosting locations that give in exchange for your content writing skills; a place for your content to be displayed and also provide you with a very small portion of advertising fees related to your pages. You won’t get rich doing this but it’s a small bonus for gaining a link to your site by simply putting in a few pages on these sites about topics related to your own website, its subject and your book(s). From the angle of promoting books or a website about your book these websites offer a simple and quick method of building up extra traffic linking back to your own website. You could use them as your website but that is not advisable, best to use them as pointers to your own location: links that link to you!

Far better to use external sites like these for ‘our’ purposes rather than those reasons that these sites suggest, as on one of the above in a year I had well over a million visitors on 35 articles and just a few dollars credit for it! Put your main efforts on your own website and use these and others for pointing to it.

Others that are very useful are: Twitter, Pinterest, and  other similarish’ social media and blog sites should be used to pepper with short articles, pictures, and comments etc that all point to and link back to your site. One very effective front page type site recommended is RebelMouse.

L&R - Shoes - LogoSEO These kind of strategies are part of what is known as  Search Engine Optimization. You make certain changes and additions and features and links that influence the Google (and other) search engines to favour your pages and to list yours as a result for people using keywords, phrases and search statements on a subject that you have information about i.e. your book and its subjects covered etc. SEO is a huge subject with many commentators and books about it. However I have personally proved that writing unique, new, interesting and informative text on a subject is always the best option. Google now favours such content over and above all types of twisted strategies that attempted to short cut results to be diverted to promotion and publicity and affiliate revenue focused type websites. Many of my pages have risen to a Google page one result after years of languishing in the nether regions; simple due to Google’s methods of removing smart tricks and tactics to get there first but offering little in real content value! So just write great unique articles about your book and all sorts of related issue that impinge upon your subject and you will certainly get traffic going to you. see The Book-kit for much more on these and other subjects and strategies for increasing your visibility on the internet.