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Mods The New Religion Front CoverMODSTHE NEW RELIGION

The style and the music of the 1960s Mods

by Paul ‘Smiler’ Anderson

An Amazon best-seller: At first I though this would be just another book about the later day Mods, but when it arrived, a large format beautifully illustrated book, my first impressions before seeing it were proven completely wrong: this is truly a GREAT BOOK. It ranks easily along side the other great genre book about the original classic:  Mods! by Richard Barnes. This one covers a larger spectrum than MODS! and includes regional U.K. Mods and I was pleased to see that the Twisted Wheel and the Manchester Mod scene got a mention as it was the place that kicked off the following Northern Soul movement.


MODS - Richard BarnesMods! by Richard Barnes

A pictorial black and white large format paper-back magazine styled review of the originating London Mod scene in the 1960’s.

63-64 Mods by Pete Townsend’s flat-mate, not a Mod himself but he observed the scene. The photographs and the record label pics are worth it alone!

Already a collectors item set to increase in value for Mod memorabilia merchants.



The Book by yours truly: Dave

The tale about a totally amphetamised Manc Soul obsessed Mod. A Tale of love at first sight and the loss of it. Of obsessive Soul addiction and ‘schizophrenic?’ mind games, induced by just too many All-Nighters. Alongside the story of a DJay with Stax appeal at the ‘second best’ and now almost unknown Soul club in the city: The Blue Note. With real life stories and events of the sixties scene in the City that gave birth to Northern Soul and had the Twisted Wheel, Roger Eagle, and many other Soul clubs. Its a tale of how it was at the centre of an elitist, arrogant youth movement that was hidden in full view, without leaders but leading fashion! Find out what it was like to be in with that long ago ‘In Crowd’ and know about the hidden scene of 60’s Mod Manchester. Unlike other ‘factual’ books about the Mod scene and the Mod Soul clubs in Manchester in that decade, this is from an insiders memoirs.

Illustrated with tons of record label pictures.

Print version     Kindle version

Amazon review:

5.0 out of 5 stars Nostalgia 15 Dec 2013
Verified Purchase
“Very well written. I couldn’t put this down once I had started it. Only wish I had experienced it too.”
Hear Dave talking about the book and that sixties original scene on Pete Mitchell’s SOUL-TIME @ Mix-Cloud

The next review details the career of Roger Eagle. Its a really great addition to anyone’s collection; very informative about the hidden  ‘Svengali’ promoter of Black American music, and influential Twisted Wheel DJ. of which many Roger stories are contained in The Manchester Wheelers.


sit-down-coverSit Down! Listen To This!

All about the great Roger Eagle: influential Twisted Wheel DJ, joint club owner of Eric’s in Liverpool. First manager of Simply Red, and a great deal more to be uncovered in this informative book by Bill Sykes.

Tells the amazing behind the scenes story of Sonny Boy Williamson (the second) His record “Help Me” was dun-to-death at almost every occasion that Roger Dejayed at the Brazzenose Street Wheel. Great memories and loads of insight into a guy crazy about music but shied away from the lime-light.

More about Roger and some of the ‘eclectic’ records he played at the Twisted Wheel>



The Story of Manchester’s Twisted Wheel Club

That’s the one and only Screaming Jay Hawkins on the front cover, he appeared at the ‘Wheel’ and told us that some gangsters were after him, and we thought we were paranoid!

A fantastic book depicting the times at the amazing club that pioneered the Mod soul scene in the city.

Twisted-Wheel-Brazzenose-Street-ManchesterAll the performances at the Twisted Wheel Complete & Unbelievable! From the beginning in 1963, to the end at the Whitworth Street Wheel in 1971.

End of an era the demolition of the Wheel and another heritage landmark lost to the city just like the Free Trade Hall both lost to Hotel property lobbying of short sighted city councillors.



1963: The Year of the Revolution: How Youth Changed the World with Music, Art, and Fashion


A List of great Soul, Blues R&B Books>